Read All About It

1) There’s something like a gazillion blogs being created every day. The vast majority are worthless. Then there’s Just Blaze’s blog. It is whatever lies at the far, far opposite end of worthless, especially with posts like these.

2) Jay Smooth – a legend in three games: radio, blogs and now – vlogs). What’s with the cat though?

3) KRS-One is still going after Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. I’d like to take some time out to comment on this further but I’m short on time. Suffice to say, KRS actually has some compelling points to make but alas, along with his rigor comes a decent amount of mortis.

4) Everyone’s favorite British soul singer (no, the other one. The brunette with bad teeth.) will be discussed today on WYNC’s Soundcheck. Myself and Ann Powers will be weighing in. Should be fun.