Jerry Butler: Spiced Up

Jerry Butler: I Need You + Don’t Rip Me Off
From The Spice of Life (Mercury, 1972)

Snoop Dogg: Think About It
From The Blue Carpet Treatment (Geffen, 2006)

This may surprise folks but this is the only Butler LP I own…despite his incredible prolificness, Butler is one of many soul artists who I’ve been aware of but never made an effort to explore. I knew of his connection to the Impressions but I always thought of him more as a producer and songwriter, more or less forgetting that he had a massive career as a singer to boot.

I don’t have a problem admitting – I discovered Spice of Life vis a vis Snoop Dogg and his “Think About It” (which opens The Blue Carpet Treatment). It was such a strikingly soulful track that I tracked the loop back to Butler’s OG. No question, the instrumental passage is absolutely ear catching though the rest of the song doesn’t quite hold up as well. In contrast, I do like the funky, bluesy “Don’t Rip Me Off” the whole way though, especially in how understated Butler’s singing is here – very cool and collected…the Iceman indeed.

I’m open to any Butler song suggestions people have. School me.