George Jackson: Aretha Sing One For Me
From 7″ (Hi, 1972). Also available on The Hi 45’s Collection Vol. 2.

Sharon Cash: Fever
From He Lives Within My Soul (Mothers, 1974)

(Bonus) Ghostface Killah: Outta Town Sh–
From More Fish (Def Jam, 2006)

????: ????
From ???? (????, 1976). Also available on Dusty Fingers Vol. 12

I know I give people who post here a hard time on occasion when all they seem to do is play “spot that sample.” Contrary to some assumptions, our raison d’etre is not, in fact, dropping sample sources. If that’s what you’re after, please…

However, we also aim to please so I’m not above indulging people’s interest in mo’ samples. To wit: this post plugs two of the more obscure songs that Ghost’s producers have flipped for the Wallabee champ.

The George Jackson is, to me, a strange tune (though apparently, Jackson’s biggest hit for Hi) if only because it’s a dedication tune to a living artist. I’m trying to imagine what Aretha Franklin would have thought, listening to this. Nice song though, especially with that opening piano and string combo (so well adapted for “Child’s Play” off of Supreme Clientele).

As for the Sharon Cash…this explosive cover of “Fever” comes off what I assume is her first album (she had a more popular 2nd album released on Playboy Records a few years down the line). I had higher hopes for the He Lives Within My Soul LP since it was arranged by H.B. Barnum and appears on Mothers, the sample label and arranger who put out Spanky Wilson’s incredible Doin It album but Cash’s album turned out to be a bit of one-tracker. That said: great one-tracker. Just Blaze did a phenomenal job interpolating this for “The Champ” off of Fishscale.

As a bonus, I put up “Outta Town Sh–,” a new song off Ghost’s new mix-CD album, More Fish, one of the few solo cuts he’s on (it’s in the tradition of “Shakey Dog” though not quite as narrative). It’s too bad the entire album isn’t more like this but I’m not remotely mad. Listening to Ghost just let loose reminds you why he’s The Truth for the faithful. The beat comes off a European library series – think Hanged Man for those who know the deal. I would have listed the info but last time I did that with “Kilos,” a lot of whiners came out the woodwork so I figured I’d avoid the saline this time around. Good stuff though, regardless.