Towa Tei: Technova
From Future Listening (Elektra, 1995)

A Tribe Called Quest: Find a Way
From The Love Movement (Jive, 1998)

Bonus Remix – Technova (O-Dubnova Edit)

For the longest time, all I really knew about “Technova” was that it was “that song by the Japanese guy in Deee-lite that ATCQ interpolated for “Find a Way” but I had never actually HEARD the song. (What’s also incredibly embarrassing is that I always thought the female vocals on the original (interpolated into the chorus for Tribe) was Japanese but when I learned it was Bebel Gilberto, I realized: oh, that was probably Portuguese. Doh).

Once I actually heard it, I realized: wow, this is a really great tune. However, the version I had heard on a few mixes began with Gilberto’s vocals done acapella and as you can hear on “Technova,” there is no such acapella moment. Paul Nice finally hepped me to the source: “Dubnova” (also on the Future Listening album) has an acapella intro though, overall, I like the arrangement of “Technova” more…

…which lead me to create the “O-Dubnova Edit” – combining the best parts of both songs. A Soul Sides exclusive!

(By the way, random SS moment: I was in a Trader Joe’s parking lot yesterday with my daughter when a stranger approached me and asked, “Excuse me, but are you Oliver Wang?” Turned out to be a Soul Sides fan. I’m just astounded people actually know what bloggers look like. I could get rolled on by the entire crews of both Music For Robots and Ear Fuzz and not realize it).