Greenwood Rhythm Collective: Guajira 78
From 7″ (NYC Trust, 200?)

Greenwood Rhythm Collective: Salsa Verde (snippet)
From 7″ (NYC Trust, 2008)

Orquesta International: Mucho Control
From El Barrio: Back on The Streets of Spanish Harlem (Fania, 2008)

Damn, I need a late pass for not realizing that the great Monk One – NY DJ and Wax Poetics contributor – helps run a label alongside E’s E, NYC Trust. It’s new become one of my favorite sites to peruse – there’s a wealth of good-goodies here, including custom mixes by folks like Jared Boxxx (look for “Big City Soul”) and Prince Paul (“6 Yrs. High and Rising”) and a slew of free tracks by Monk, E and Oneman (look on the right column, especially Monk One’s “Got To Give It Up” reggae remix).

Monk and E have two different bands (so far) that they’ve put together on the label – the more downtempo Midnight Lab Band and the Latin-flavored Greenwood Rhythm Coalition. The GRC’s last two 7″s have been exceptionally strong – the “Guajira 78” is especially caliente fuego, a fast-paced, charanga style dance track with a darting flute.

The group’s new “Salsa Verde” is equally infectious, built around the distinctive riff that originates with Orquesta International’s popular “Mucho Control” hit (also covered by Ismael Quinones). I could be wrong, but I also pick up a distinctive Colombian salsa flavor off this but I’m still a neophyte in the genre. Regardless: it sounds fantastic. I can’t wait to play this one out at Boogaloo[la].

For kicks, I also threw in the aforementioned “Mucho Control” which seems to embody so much of the aggressive, brassy style of ’70s salsa that’s been recently reborn into the so-called salsa dura movement. This was featured as part of Fania’s new El Barrio series which includes excellent compilations on classic salsa, Latin soul, boogaloo and a recent Latin funk edition. (I’ll be writing more about these in the weeks to come).