Busta Rhymes: Welcome to New Crack City

Busta Rhymes: Get Familiar Bitch

Busta Rhymes w/ Rah Digga and Spliff Star: Untouchable

Busta Rhymes: Relevant

All from Clinton Sparks and Busta Rhymes: New Crack City (2006)

Things I learned listening to Clinton Sparks and Busta Rhymes’ New Crack City

1. Busta wants to charge admission fee to watch what they do. Also, he really likes the word, “bitch.”

2. While other rappers struggle to write just a verse, Busta is throwing complete albums away in the street.

3. The only thing tighter than Rah Digga’s rhymes is “the puss.” (TMI, Rah).

4. By keeping the street thoroughly abreast with thoroughbred, quality hip-hop, Busta manages to stay relevant. He also doesn’t like it when people try to merge into his lane, even if they have the indicator light on.

(Note: like most of Clinton Sparks’ mix-CDs, this is pretty solid…even surprisingly so given who’s hosting. But seriously, the skits are the best thing on here and that’s no diss).