Chairman Mao: Run For Cover (Flatrock, 2005)

Quick break from Green Week:

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of cover songs: I made a mix-CD dedicated to them in 2003 (note: it’s not in stock right now. I’m working on fixing that). I’ve also been working (half-assed) on two potential sequels since then. Therefore, it was of considerable interest that a valued and respected colleague/friend, Chairman Mao (Ego Trip fame) just dropped a mix-CD of full of cover songs. If you’ve ever peeped out Mao’s other mix-CDs before, you know he’s at the top of the game: it’s never strictly about rarity for rarity’s sake – Mao values quality too and this CD has an embarrassing wealth of beauts on it (including a few songs I wanted to use on one of the Deep Covers sequels. Oh well).