Diamond and the Psychotic Neurotics: Best Kept Secret (45 King Remix)
From 12″ (Chemistry/Mercury, 1993)

YZ: Maflobi Pimp Strut
From 12″ (Tuff City, 1994)

The 45 King remix of Diamond D’s “Best Kept Secret” is one of those cuts that seem to exist only to mock people with its rarity. I mean, if the remix was wacktacular, then the fact that it only appears on promo copies of the “Sally Got a One Track Mind” 12″ wouldn’t be such a big deal. Unfortunately, the remix is rather awesome and for fans of both Diamond and the 45 King, it’s worth the hunt (I can’t say the same about the expense. Hip-hop prices are reeeeediculous these days. (On that note, I have an extra copy of this 12″ for anyone who wants to trade me their copy of 45 King/Latee’s “Brainstorm”).

I can’t tell if YZ’s “Maflobi Pimp Strut” is a remix or not. It’s not listed as such on the 12″ but the beginning of the song (cut off here) has YZ saying, “it’s the remix…it’s the remix” so go figure. I like the production on this cut – very early ’90s NYC with its jazzy loop…though not really YZ’s best lyrical material. Still, it was a random 12″ that I had never really gotten into and I find it worth a listen (even if I have no idea what “Maflobi” is supposed to be…”my flow be” perhaps?)