The Mop began life as a post on Soulstrut, written by Alan Simpson, who used to work at a porn shop in Sydney. It was nothing more than some message board posts, relying some hilariously funny stories about what happens in, well, a porn shop in Sydney. You don’t want to know the details except that you actually do want to know the details. Because they’re disgusting. And insanely comical. And comically disgusting. You get the idea.

Over the years, this evolved into an actual book: a memoir by Simpson named after a lowly mop tasked to do unmentionable things. Piecelock 70 just put it out, complete with a promo 7″ featuring the voices of, I assume, Simpson himself and PL’s Thes One, playing a cranky porn shop owner (will his talents never cease?).

Cop the book.

And peep the promo 7″:

Alan Simpson: The Mop
From 7″ (Piecelock 70, 2012)