Peggy Lee: Sneakin’ Up On You & Bewitched
From Pass Me By (Capitol, 196?)

Not to be all stereotypical but let’s be honest…one does not normally look at Peggy Lee and think, “ah, funky!” but truth be told, she can knock out some soulful jams like a blue-eyed Shirely Bassey. For example, Lee does a solid cover of “Spinning Wheel” and an unexpectedly funky cover of “Sitting On the Dock of the Bay.” I think my man Motown or maybe Adam put me up on this particular album by Lee. “Sneakin’ Up On You,” sounds as if Lee had recorded with Booker T and MGs and while no one would likely confuse her with Carla Thomas, I’m diggin’ on how Lee gets all sultry (she actually purrs at one point, ok?). I’d most definitely include this on a funky femmes mix.

As for “Bewitched,” I’m tickled that people actually recorded vocal versions of this t.v. show theme, to say nothing of a nicely jazzed-out version with prominent piano and guitar accompaniment.