Diamond D: Feel the Vibe & I Went For Mine
From Stunts, Blunts and Hip-Hop (CD Only) (Chemistry, 1994)

It always bums me out when some of the best songs by artists only appear as a bonus cuts on the cassette or CD version, but not the vinyl. Diamond’s LP is hard enough to find on wax and when you get it, they don’t put on these pair of tracks. Pity too since “I Went For Mine” is one of my absolute favorite songs by Diamond ever – super slick n’ funky and a groove that rolls on unendingly.”Feel the Vibe” is worth, er, feeling too with its mbira melody and those thick S.O.B. drums.

Luckily, both songs are now on a bootleg EP (assuming you can still find it)…it just took ’em 10 years to get around to do that. Better late than…well, you know.