Charles Kynard: Winter’s Child

From Wa-Tu-Wa-Zui (Prestige, 1971)

I first discovered keyboardist Charles Kynard through his trio of albums on Mainstream – slick n’ funky tunes all around. I gradually moved backwards and then began to listen to his Prestige titles. Which is better is subjective…there’s not a huge difference between the two – though his very first Prestige titles, recorded in the mid/late ’60s are more straight-ahead than soul-jazzy.

Labels aside though, “Winter’s Child” is my favorite Kynard song off of any album by him. He’s playing, I believe, a Wurlitzer electric piano (I favor Rhodes myself but I’m not too picky here) and there’s something about its soft touch and tones that helps make this song incredibly soulful to me. Moreover, the interplay between bassline, brass and keys at the beginning and the end seal the deal.