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Here’s the deal: some day, very soon, I’ll be off for a few weeks to handle some family biz. Rather then leave ya’ll hanging, I invited some colleagues to be guest editors – it’s like party line up in here.

The task of this newly formed Soul Sides Squad: each were asked to post around once a week, anything they like, any way they like. Allow me to briefly introduce them:

  • Hua Hsu from Sticker Shock. Crates so deep, even Adidas is jocking.
  • Jazzbo, MTV’s #1 stunna. No truth to the rumors that he’s the reason Jessica and Nick are on the rocks.
  • Jon Caramanica of Broken Language. Every desperate housewife’s dream.
  • Kris Ex, aka gunyoga, aka the Blogga With Attitude.
  • G-Dilla, about to blow things up with his forthcoming “What the Blog Clot” audioblog (early 2005 nominee for “best blog title”)
  • …and last but certainly not least, Noz from Cocaine Blunts. Don’t give him no bama weed.

Kris Ex will be up first, with a string of remixes of John Cage’s “4’33.” The Just Blaze remix is particularly off the meter.

I’ll be peeking in on occasion, when I’m not busy cleaning spit-up off me or mastering the art of the “poop pocket.” I’ll try to resume semi-regular posting once my sanity returns.