DJ Day: Track 2

From Credit Is Due (2002/2004)

Act like you already knew that DJ Day‘s “What Planet, What Station” was one of the year’s best singles. In the meantime, if you already have that 12″ and wanted to know more – or – if you want an introduction to this So Cal’s musical alchemy, pick up this re-release of his 2002 mix-CD. It’s been a while since I’ve heard a mix-CD this seamless and intricate – if you appreciated all the twists and turns Day took in his 12”, you can see how he’s developed that style here. Take Track 2 for example – Day goes from dropping a flurry of scratches over a funk break, then slides into “Blow Your Top” by the Soul Destroyers, then blends into an instrumental by the Poets of Rhythm for more scratch exercises and out of nowhere, he closes with a self-done remix of Big Daddy Kane’s lines from“Just Rhymin’ With Biz.” So sick the CDC is investigating.

You can find the CD and the 12″ both at TTL. (One of these days, TTL really needs to design a permalink system to their merchandise. I’m just saying).