we build like masons

Soul Sides is making crazy moves while we’re still here to make ’em. Don’t worry shook ones, this ain’t no takeover like Jay and the Roc: we’re cooking up collabos.

So far, Cocaine Blunts has agreed to a 5 round, no-holds-barred battle with us, using indie rap 12″s from the ’90s (that don’t suck). Hua Sulu is about to help us drop knowledge on West Coast random rap. I’m hollerin’ at some other folks – cats with so much heat, it’ll melt ice caps. Fam, we got so many connects, The Wire should be tapping our lines. Word to Cutty.

BUT, what’s on the immediate horizon?

Go ahead and blink: you saw that right. Soul Sides and The Tofu Hut are joining forces with over 10 songs in the offering. Stay tuned – we launch next week (we hope).

heads ain’t ready for the stuff we’ll drop