Biggie: Party and Bullshit (Finesse Mix)
From promo 12″ (Uptown, 1993)

Nas: Represent (Original Mix)
Unreleased (1994)

A new day, a new icon: Soul Sides Rap Rarities (what? You thought Cocaine Blunts gets to have all the fun?).

I just picked up the promo copy of Biggie’s first single, “Party and Bullshit,” the other month. I knew the song from way back but didn’t realize Lord Finesse had flipped a remix for it. I like it better than the original with its flaring horns, filtered basslines and those kind of crisp drums that Finesse was known for. This still isn’t as hot as “Unbelievable” but then again, nothing is (except for maybe “The What?”)

The Nas joint comes off a bootleg 12″ I snapped up at the Sound Library a year or so ago. The fidelity is wack but this was probably mastered off some dude’s cassette tape so I’m willing to bend a little. I can’t tell if this is still a DJ Premier beat – it sounds like one of his rougher ones but that bassline and drum break seems closer to Extra P. Either way, it’s puts the song in a different light, not quite as hyperactive as the official album version. This is more laid back, as if Nas was destroying the cipher from the comfort of a recliner.