The Brewsteraires of Memphis: So Glad
Available on It’s Amazing: the Glorious Female Gospel 1947-1951

For Day Three of Soul Hut, I dropped off a copy of “Tequila” as done by Bill Black’s Combo. Tofu Hut came with the Brewsteraries of Memphis and John offered the following thoughts:

        I’m sure all the vinyl junkies in the crowd will appreciate the spiderweb of surface noise on this track; it has the dusty sound of authenticity when it surfs underneath sounds as rapturous as these. The refrain of “feet been diggin’ out the miry clay” is a reference to

Psalm 40:2

    in which David tells us that the Lord elevates him from mortal chaos and places him on stable ground.

      The other track by the Brewsteraires on this disc is the title cut; it’s worth getting this disc for these two songs alone.”

    Soul Sides opines:

    First of all, I want to know what a Brewsterary is: I keep thinking of some kind of secret society of beer makers or something of the like. Doesn’t quite fit with the gospel motif though. And yeah, this song is recorded off of vinyl so dusted I want to clean out my headphones after a listen. Solid material, especially the cross-gender harmonizing going on behind the lead.