Jackson Gospel Singers: Heaven Bound Train
Available on Heaven Bound Train: Southern Gospel 1949-1950

It’s the penultimate (I’ve always wanted to use that word) day of the Soul Hut collabo. Tofu Hut has my offering: a spanktacular cover of “Down By the River” done by Ken Boothe.

John laced us with the Jackson Gospel Singers and this commentary:“The Jackson Gospel Singers is an all-female band from New Orleans with just as great a range of sound and fury as any male counterpart.

I love the old gospel tricks these guys invoke: onomatopoetic train whistles and human orchestra clang on the tracks amidst the singing; the constant and gradual build in pace; the beautifully sustained shouts and cries of glory; unmatched harmony.

The P-Vine import CDs that many of these tracks hail from are virtually incomparable in terms of quality but they’re a bit pricey and a pain in the ass to find. Good luck on the hunt and if anybody finds a reliable online export source other than Amazon, please let me know about them.

Explore this collection of train songs.”Our thoughts here at Soul Sides Central:

Kick ass. Our favorite song from Tofu Hut – this one is just so damn soulful on every level I can imagine: the acapella arrangement recalls the gospel roots of Aretha Franklin, the train-like sounds the Singers dole out are just straight up bonkers, and the sense of rhythm they have is fantastic.