Al Cobine: Hate to See You Go (Studio P/R: 1975)

See…when I first found this LP in Indianapolis, I thought I was on some killer secret digger shizzle. This is on some local Indiana label, looking and sounding like a private press album with some dude named Peter Bankoff carressing the Rhodes all over the place. The real blaster though is the cover of “Hikky-Burr” which is pretty fierce considering this is a big band album. Move over Caesar Frazier and let Al Cobine do this thing! Dope cover – clean and funky.

Anyways, so I’m all excited and what not, talk to some folks and it sounds like the only other time someone’s heard about this is because J. Davis (no, not Q-Tip, the other J. Davis) had scouted it once. So now I know I’m sitting on some rare heat. Or not. A year later, my man J.Toro goes back to Indianapolis and turns up something like 25-30 copies of this. Now I see folks up on eBay selling it, titling it “Stage Band Jazz Funk LP”. Oh the humanity, the humanity!

I’m not bitter though. Really. I mean it.