Aaron Neville: Over You (Minit, 1960)

I’m not 100% positive about this but doesn’t it seem like Biggie got his lines on “Warning” from “Over You”? And then, of course, that influenced Erykah to crib off Big.

It’s also interesting to hear Neville early in his career, before his voice turned into that crackling falsetto he became so known for.



2 comments to AARON NEVILLE: OVER YOU (1960)

  • Isaiah

    I’ve thought about this a lot re: Warning.

    I know Donald Harrison took a young Christopher Wallace under his wing when he lived in Bed Stuy and would play him records to help develop/improve his phrasing. Wondering if “Over You” was one of them.

    Regardless, it’s some of the more gangster ish Toussaint wrote.

  • Tonneau Cover

    Must be interesting to hear Neville’s voice before the turn over.

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