The audioblog competition is red hot right now – not only are new ones being created everyday but in general, the quality of posts out there is likely going to force everyone to step up their game a notch.

A couple of sites worth mentioning at the moment:

  • Steady Bootleggin’, from the same folks who brought you A Tribute To Ignorance. Obscure hip-hop.
  • Home of the Groove is doing it up for Mardi Gras.
  • Freemotion is on a Cold Chillin tear with songs by Biz and Big Daddy Kane, plus some old MOP. Salute!
  • I was getting ready to do a podcast about Shuggie Otis but then, wouldn’t you know it, Evigan Funk beat me to it. “Inspiration Information” = one of the best songs ever.
  • The Rookie has some cool ’90s random rap.
  • Speaking of more thunder-stealing, I was about to post up Too $hort’s “In the Trunk” (DJ Premier remix) but them darn fools at Can I Bring My Gat? beat me to that too.
  • And as usual, Tofu Hut is running tings with another set of number-themed songs and commentary.



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