I reviewed A Tribe Called Quest’s surprise last album this past week. I also had a few bonus thoughts about it:

First: “The Space Program” is ATCQ’s best lead song since “Steve Biko.”

Best ATCQ lead songs

    1. Excursions
    2. Steve Biko
    3. Push It Along
    4. Space Program
    5. Phony Rappers[1. ATCQ should have opened Beats, Rhymes and Life with “The Pressure” and closed it with either “Mind Power” or “The Hop.”
    6. (ironically) Start It Up

Second: “The Donald” is ATCQ’s best closing song since “God Lives Through.”

Best ATCQ closing songs

    1. God Lives Through
    2. The Donald
    3. Scenario [1. “Scenario” is obviously a classic but I always thought it was a weird song to stick at the end. “Vibes and Stuff” or “Jazz” might have been worked better.
    4. Rock Rock Ya’ll
    5. Stressed Out
    6. Description of a Fool

Third: “Black Spasmodic” is the best “Phife rhymes first” song since “Baby Phife’s Return.”

Best “Phife rhymes first” songs

    1. Buggin Out
    2. Check the Rhime
    3. Scenario
    4. Baby Phife’s Return
    5. Black Spasmodic
    6. Busta’s Lament



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