I’ve been busy the past month with all kinds of writing assignments and that’s slowed me down from posting here but thought I’d share a few pieces I published since it’s all very much Soul Sides-inspired/related:

Songs We Love: Charles Bradley, ‘Things We Do For Love’
For (Mar. 17, 2016)

Songs We Love: Million Dollar Ecstacy, ‘Burning Inside’
For (Mar. 31, 2016)

We like it like that: the songs that defined New York City’s boogaloo craze
(Annotated Playlist)
For The Guardian (Apr. 5, 2016)

Songs We Love: J Dilla, ‘F*** The Police
For (Apr. 7, 2016)



One thought on “SONGS I/WE LOVE”

  1. that million dollar xstasy track is god awful. this current obsession with boogie has unearthed a lot of junk.

    imho – there’s about 40 or 50 great boogie funk songs and maybe 20 or 30 great “modern” boogie tracks made over the last 5 to 10 years

    the rest should be buried

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