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Gang Starr : In Memory Of… (Noo Trybe, 1998, Moment of Truth)

7) In writing these posts and forcing myself to re-engage the album, I found myself amending that list I put up on post #1.

1. Hard to Earn
2. Step In the Arena
3. Daily Operation
4-6 (tied) Moment of Truth, No More Mr. Nice Guy, The Ownerz

For the longest time, I always thought Daily Operation was the Gang Starr album I didn’t rate as highly as “consensus” does but in comparing the two, side-by-side, Daily Operation clearly has more songs I’d rather rock to.

But more broadly speaking, this exercise also brought home how very sophisticated most of their albums were. Even if Moment ran overly long, it wasn’t just a jumble of aspiring “hot tracks” but rather, songs with thematic depth and resonance with one another. I don’t know if I’d go as far as describe Moment as a “concept album” in the conventional sense but it also wasn’t a smattering of songs hastily slapped together either.