Brass Construction: Now Is Tomorrow (Anticipation) + The Message (Inspiration)
From II (UA, 1976)

So I was up at the Groove Merchant over Thanksgiving and Cool Chris was playing a record over the house system and I thought,”wow, that sounds really good.” I went over to look at what it was and it was the Brass Construction album and I had one of those mixed moments of…

“Man, I forgot how good this was.”
“Maybe that’s because I probably haven’t listened to this album in 12-15 years.”

It’s a sobering realization.

I probably picked this album up originally for the two songs that were prominently sample. However, the best song on here – at least to me now– is that slinky disco number, “Now is Tomorrow.” Fantastic groove all around…and someone help me out here: Kenny Dope flipped this for one of his breaks records back around 1993/94, didn’t he? Maybe off of this EP?

Also: I still ride for “The Message” too, however..such awesome opening piano as NWA fans know.

What’s your rediscoveries of common-but-quality records?