JVC Force: Introduction 2 Dance + It’s a Force Thing
From 12″ (Idlers, 1990). Also on Force Field.

Picked this one up the other week at the Groove Merchant and it was quirky enough to give a quick write-up.

JVC Force is one of the early golden era groups that weren’t random rap obscure – songs like “Strong Island,” and “Big Trax” got legitimate, national play – but they weren’t household names either. Their“>second LP especially flew under the radar for reasons that you can read about on Unkut. Idlers, their label for that album, seemed to have some questionable A&Ring, which might explain why the lone 12″ from that album seems like an odd choice.

Most obviously, “Introduction 2 Dance” doesn’t sound like it should a single…as the name suggests, it sounds like an intro song, one that very obviously and deliberately reworks part of the “Strong Island” beat. JVC wouldn’t have been the first band in history to basically remake the same song twice but still: it’s just…odd. Likewise, “It’s a Force Thing” is cool enough but they’re flipping “Good Times”…so there’s another case of over-familiarity.

Pity too since that second LP was actually quite slept-on; peep “Tear the Show Up.”