Just ripped my 7″ copy of this in preparation for sending it up north to Cool Chris in a trade that I’d been mulling over for a while and finally decided to go for.

Listening to it again, while I was digitizing it, I did feel a *twinge* of regret for deciding to trade it but recent events have driven this point home for me: life’s too short to grip for the sake of gripping. I held onto that Cavaliers Unlimited 7″ for years just because it was a trophy piece – even though I didn’t actually like it that much. Having sold it off a couple of years back, I’ve never had a second thought about letting it go.

Ultimately, you should care about the records you own and while some may think it’s crazy of me not to find this Pure Essence the best frickin’ thing ever, truly, I didn’t love it in any profound way. It’s a really cool track. That’s about the most passionate thing I can say about it and if that’s the case, then it makes no sense to hold onto it knowing 1) someone else will appreciate it much better and 2) I can use its worth to get some records I actually am passionate about.

But my “loss”, your gain. Here’s a lossless rip for y’all to enjoy. (And don’t forget, you can also find the song, amongst many others, on the excellent Soul Cal comp).

Pure Essence: Wake Up (Pts. 1 and 2, edited together)
From 7″ (Mantra, 1976). Also on Soul Cal.