I’ve been a big fan of this British singer/songwriter’s current summer jam, “Is Your Love Big Enough?” (which I posted about previously) and now that I’ve heard the entire album (dropping on Tuesday), my opinion hasn’t changed. I should warn: most of the album is very much acoustic guitar-y which is lovely and great but if you’re expecting more power pop ala “Is Your Love?” you’re not going to find a ton of it. La Havas’s style seems far closer to somewhere around Feist/Esparanza Spalding than, say, Adele.

But her ballads are just heartcrushingly gorgeous. Hard to beat this duet, originally released as a video in the fall:

And then there’s “Age” which is as charming and winking a song as I’ve ever heard. (And I’m not just saying this because I’m turning 40 in a few weeks).

Is Your Love Big Enough? (the CD) comes out on Nonesuch on 8/7.