Oops. So this was originally supposed to air in the spring, around the time Lee Fields dropped his Faithful Man album but at the time, I wanted to get Leon Michels in on the convo too and delayed but as it turned out, we weren’t able to line up our schedules when the crew touched down in L.A. in the early summer. I finally got around to doing the final post-production edits on this so while it’s a few months, I think Fields and I still enjoyed a cool chat about his life and career.

He, to me, is one of the most interesting soul figures out there given how his career has managed to survive the twists and turns in soul over the last 4 decades. Fields is one of the few retro-soul artists who also has strong standing in the Southern R&B/blues scene.1 (I summarized some of this back in 2009 for NPR). I didn’t realize though how serendipitous his career has been, one of the several topics we get into during this interview.

The Sidebar #29: Lee Fields

Music in this episode (all by Lee Fields):

Don’t forget, Fields’s new album, Faithful Man available now on Truth and Soul Records.

  1. Read Preston Launderbach’s The Chitlin’ Circuit to learn more about that scene.