Maurice Gibb passed away before I had really begun Soul Sides so I never paid due respect to the Bee Gees. As a ’70s baby, some of my earliest memories of music revolved around hearing The Bee Gees – who were inescapable in the late ’70s – on the radio, at malls, etc. A bit milquetoast and cheesy? Sure. But I still love listening to this ballad in particular.

Robin Gibb, who passed away today, is that high falsetto you hear. Thanks for all the music.



4 thoughts on “…THEN SOFTLY LEAVE”

  1. It’s really worth checking out the Bee Gees late 60’s early seventies stuff. Great melodies, and not so much of the high pitched singing. They wrote really great tunes too. So much so, that they were often look to as the next Beatles, but, of course, many were…

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