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Jimmie Raye: Look At Me, Girl
From 7″ (Tuff, 1964)

This 7″ came from Nydia Ines Davila (who works at Daptone Records) and though she warned me that the sound quality was a bit “muffled” I thought this sounds great. Of course, I am a total sucker for a good soul track built around an opening piano. I fell for this single just from the first four bars with the piano, guitar and drums already crafting something wonderful before you even hear Raye crooning “look at me, girl…cryiiiiiiiiiiiing” with some glorious doo-wop stylings. In fact, I may not even needed the song to have any more than just those elements but the song continues to unfold beautifully, especially the (overdubbed?) falsetto backing the baritone lead.

Best of all, compared to some of Raye’s other singles, this one is an absolute steal at $20 or less.