The Invicibles: Heart Full of Love
From 7″ (WB, 1965). Also on Heart Full of Love.

The Creations: I’ve Got to Find Her
From 7″ (Globe, 1965)

Is there anything sweeter than falsetto leads in a vocal harmony? I always associate this post-doo wop sound with the Impressions though I’m sure they weren’t the first to nail it (might have been the best though) and these two singles, in particular, certainly remind me of something that might have come out of Mayfield and company’s camp.

Instead of Chicago, the Invincibles hailed from Los Angeles (though none of the three members were actual L.A. natives) and “Heart Full of Love” was a modest hit for them in 1965 but the group never caught fire. Pity too since this song is so incredible (to me at least): the guitars feel very gospel-esque and the way the three men combine to sing, “pay no atten…tion” gets me every time. The song is so sparse overall but shows how one can do more with less.

The Creations’ “I’ve Got to Find Her” is out of the same Chicago soul community that the Impressions hailed from; the group’s Gerald Dickerson had his hands in quite a few different outfits of the era, including the Notations and Brothers of Soul (two Soul Sides’ favorites) and post-Creations, he and Charles Knox became the Contributors of Soul. “I’ve Got to Find Her” is from the B-side of one of their 3-4 7″s cut for Globe and was, in my opinion, their best song on there (though the group’s “A Dream” on Zodiac is pretty nice too).