Bizarre Inc: I’m Gonna Get You (Original Flavour Mix)
From 12″ (BMG, 1992)

Lauren Flax feat. Sia: You’ve Changed
From digital single (DANR, 2009)

Apart from the fact that I’m procrastinating (hey, it’s hard to get into summer work mode!), I’m not embellishing when I say I really do dig this particular sound. I was never a house-head by any means and these songs, in particular, were really pop crossovers rather than deep house classics. But man, give me a good synthesizer chord progression and some four-on-the-floor and I can get with it. I was going to post “Gypsy Woman” by Crystal Waters but at this point, I actually might prefer the ways in which others have used it more than the original. But that Bizarre Inc.? Still sounds great to me. And clearly, the style hasn’t gone out of style as evinced by Lauren Flax’s hot hit from last year. Have no idea why I’m into bumping this right now (latent nostalgia for the good ‘ol early ’90s?) but like I said, it still sounds good to me.