First of all, thanks to everyone for supporting the site by buying copies of my recent mixes. I have exactly four sets left. If you’re interested, email me soon; I don’t plan on repressing these unless demand suddenly skyrockets.

(All gone, thanks again!)

For everyone else – I mailed out your CDs today so you should get them before week’s end (except for those overseas). Hope you enjoy ’em!

As for the proposal…one of the podcasts I admire is Coverville. I don’t always share their taste in music but I like the concept and more importantly, I like that they sometimes build their show around listener requests.

It’s almost been a year since my last “request lines” post but that was for a physical post and I want to try putting together a podcast instead, built around 8-10 songs.

So yes, I’m asking for people to throw their ideas in the comments below and I’ll try to pluck one out that meets my fancy and spend the next week or so assembling it. Remember, this should be an idea that easily lends itself to a 8-10 song playlist. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to working on this!