I’m trying to make SS as accessible as possible so I’m trying to consolidate the ways you can subscribe to our content besides the simple “visit our page” way.

Keep in mind, there’s two distinct streams of content: 1) the main page (what you’re reading now) and 2) our Facebook/Twitter stream. The latter always has links back to main page content BUT it also has its own exclusive content – mostly videos, links to other blogs, media stories.

The most efficient – but not heavily descriptive – way to subscribe is:
1) The Soul Sides Twitter feed (works in any RSS reader). This single feed will eventually include links to: all main page posts AND Facebook posts. You do not need to be a Twitter user to make use of this RSS feed. That’s the beauty of this feed.

The only problem is that for those who like to read full posts, this won’t be to your liking since it only offers up the first 140 characters. Therefore, there’s still the old:
2) Main page feed. This should allow you to subscribe to all the main page posts. If you prefer email, there’s our 3) Main page email feed. Many mail programs allow for RSS reading anyway so you may not need this until you’re using an older form of email software.

Just remember, anyone subscribing to main page feeds should also subscribe to the Twitter feed to make sure you have all your bases covered.

By the way, for those who haven’t tried it, I’m really liking Google Reader as my rss reader.

Questions? Leave ’em in the comments.