The new Wax Poetics #36 is out and it’s focused on Brazil’s rich musical legacy.

I have a piece in here about the Ozzie Dasilva LP – Zig Zag With Love – a rather incredible L.A.-recorded Brazilian lounge album (yeah, that’s a mouthful but it is what it is) that has one of the sickest examples of Brazilian-funk-meets-proto-rap I can think of. Ok, actually, it might be the ONLY example I can think of. But it’s still pretty great.

Here’s a snippet. One of these days, I may get around to posting the whole thing up* but in the meanwhile, do cop the issue and read about the full story behind Ozzie’s zig-zagging.

And very special thanks to Rodney (aka Young Einstein) who was the first to put me up on this album.

*(Actually, I’ll send out the entire song to a few folks (randomly selected) who can tell me who Ozzie Dasilva’s announcer was – it’s in the piece, so anyone with the issue has that info. Email me).