Slum Village: Fall In Love (Remix)
From Dillanthology 2 (Rapster, 2009)

Lushlife: The Kindness
From Cassette City (Rapster, 2009)

The ReBel Yell: Everything She Wants
From Unreleased (Rapster, 2009)

UPDATE: The Dillanthology 2 and Lushlife albums have been pushed back to July 7.

Who honestly doesn’t like some Dilla in their life? Rapster’s second volume in collecting his work in the cleverly-named Dillanthology series focuses on the remixes of the dearly-departed James Yancey. Did you miss that CD single/12” that had the “Woo Ha” remix? Did you, like me, not know that a Dilla remix of Lucy Pearl’s “Without You” ever existed? If so, then this compilation is for you.

You get a sense of the musicality that Dilla possessed as he reimagined tracks from jazz, hip hop, electronic and soul from artists from nearly all coasts and overseas on this release. Even more impressive you get different sounds such as a little boom-bap on De La to more mellow jazz-chord filled beats Mood’s “Secrets Of The Sand.” This release hits stores Tuesday, July 7th.

Also that Tuesday, you can pick up Lushlife’s “Cassette City.” Lyrically, it’s standard hip hop fare but the production is what really shines on this album.
“In Soft Focus” has some nice DJ cut work while the horn-heavy “Another Word For Paradise” has a summer feel to it (while also bringing back long-lost Camp Lo). My personal favorite on the album is the laidback “The Kindness” with its nice chopped vocal sample with its screwed-vocals hook. Overall, it has a late-90s indie hip hop feel to it as you can hear on his Myspace page.

The last of the bunch sounds like it might be bad on paper but excels in execution. Wham has become the butt of many jokes, but you know somewhere deep inside you dig a few of their songs. The ReBel Yell, who is being produced by none other than James Poyser, comes through with this synthy dancefloor stepper remake of the snarky “Everything She Wants.” This is only a teaser of The ReBel Yell’s upcoming album “Love & War,” and as of now, this song isn’t set to be on the album, which releases this August.