Editor’s Note: Here is part 2 of John Cameron Mitchell’s “Soulful Distractions Sampler.” My thanks again to JCM for the contribution (you’re welcome to guest-post any time).

    Strange Man – Dorothy Love Coates
    from Testify! – the Gospel Box (1999) [recorded 1967]

    Probably my favorite traditional gospel performance of all time. This was on an old cassette that the girl who played Wendy to my Peter Pan gave me in Denver in the late mid 80’s when I was in my early late 20’s.
    Dorothy is so tough when she sings the line: “…the very ACT of adultery…”

    Lyin’ on the Truth – Rance Allen Group
    from Wattstax (Box Set) (2007) [recorded live 1972]

    Probably my favorite modern gospel performance. If you see the (genius) film you’ll discover that Rance had an ass as high, wide and low to the ground as a hobbit’s.

    You Got the Love – Rufus
    from Rags to Rufus (1974)

    God I love this song.

    Tell Me What It Is – Graham Central Station
    from Graham Central Station (1974)


    Slippery When Wet – The Commodores
    from Caught in the Act (1975)

    Remember when Lionel was black?

    Boogie Child – Bee Gees
    from the Children of the World (1976)

    White guys had soul too. And the Bee Gees were white.

    Kiss and Say Goodbye – The Manhattans
    from The Manhattans (1976). Also on Best Of.

    Yvonne and I used to lock braces to this one. Later I heard she fought in the first Gulf War. Around the turn of the century, I sang this karaoke-style in a West Village bar to a crowd of gay black men. It was out of my range but I got props.

    I love you, Yvonne.