Hey Joe vs. Down By The River: Showdown!

I’m in another period where I’m intensely busy at work so I may not get too many posts out this week. I wanted to try to get at least one thing out there for public consumption before the week passes though…

When I was listening to “Hey Joe” by Lee Moses, I was struck at how much it reminded me “Down By the River” (Neil Young but I’ve always been partial to Buddy Miles’ cover)…it’s almost as if “Hey Joe” precedes “Down By The River,” – the former where the cuckold decides to murder his lover…the latter finds him after he’s done the deed, deep in his thoughts. Both songs are heavy in mood and feel; sonic anchors that plummet in the murk. You decide which is better:

Lee Moses: Hey Joe
From Time and Place (Maple, 1970s)

Buddy Miles: Down By the River
From Them Changes (Mercury, 1970)

Meanwhile, congrats to the winners of the Tyrone Ashely giveaway: Sal E., David J., Adil K., Courtland F., Indie J.