The 50 Cent and Cam’ron Tango

Whatever happened to the days when rappers dissed each others on albums? Heck, what happened to the days when rappers dissed each other on album covers?

As my man over at The Rap Up would say, “beef has evolved.” It wasn’t enough for Cam and 50 to get into it on Hot 97. It wasn’t enough for both men to record what ordinarily would have been some kind of mixtape cut. In a Youtube age, both 50 and Cam went out and recorded instant videos for their new songs.

Diss videos. It’s come to this.

Mind you, I’m not complaining per se even though neither man really does himself huge favors with some hastily assembled shots and scenes. 50’s faux-Cribs+F.E.D.S. scenes goes up against Cam ghostriding a Camry but no question, 50 Cent wins in the flosstacular category. I suspect he’s been taking tips from the White Rapper Show‘s video contest.

Anyways, welcome to the next level of the game.

50 Cent: Funeral Music

Cam’ron: Curtis!

(Psss…50’s got money long as train smoke but Cam wins this round).

Instant Message received from friend after watching Cam’s video: “I wonder if 50 has beef with the UPS guy now too.”