I’ve been derelict in updating my blogroll but seriously, it’s just a low priority since I rarely, rarely have enough time to browse other blogs. That said, I do try to check out suggested new sites when people send me queries. Most of them I’m just not that into on a personal level – that’s not a criticism, it’s more than, musically-speaking, I’m not vibing off what’s there.

One recent exception? Office Naps.

It’s devoted to 45s (good sign #1) and it’s actually incredibly informative in terms of explaining genres, offering up examples and breaking things up thematically (good sign #2). All said, it’s probably one of the best new sites I’ve seen in a long, long time: there’s clearly a lot of thought – and trouble – that’s gone into Office Naps and I can appreciate that.

Oh yeah, and the site has it’s own server (good sign #3) instead of forcing people through the headache of or similar free server set-ups. I can respect, cost-wise, the desire to go through megaupload or yousendit but in terms of convenience, if I can’t get to the song in one click, I usually don’t bother. In fact, I’d personally rather deal with one-click streaming audio than sit through a few minutes of waiting for rapidshare to “allow” me the privilege of downloading.

What was my point? Oh yeah: Office Naps. Get familiar.