Special Ed: I’m the Magnificent
From Youngest In Charge (Profile, 1989)

Special Ed: C’mon Let’s Move It
From Legal (Profile, 1990)

Real Live: Crime is Money
From The Turnaround (Big Beat, 1996)

Minnie Riperton: A Rainy Day In Centerville
From Come To My Garden (Janus, 1974)

One more day to go before the vans roll up, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have managed to box all my records (and potentially given myself terminal RSI in the process). No need to share the total amount but let’s just say it’s more than a couple and less than, oh, 1000 (note: there are a lot of folks who could probably fill 1000 boxes. For their sake though, I hope they never, ever have to move (I’m looking at you, ?uestlove and DJ Shadow).

I’ll make today’s post brief since I got way too much other stuff to catch up on. The Special Ed songs are just ’cause. I was boxing hip-hop all day today and I took a pause to remember that this dude used to be hella fresh back in the late ’80s. Not only does “I’m the Magnificent” showcase his teenage mutant ninja MC skills but any song that samples “Shantytown” gets props. That said, I always preferred the beat on “C’mon Let’s Move It” – I can’t even explain what I enjoy about it but some newbie rapper needs to jack that track for some sick mixtape cut. Make it happen.

The Real Live caught my ear because I remembered how it was the first to flip the same loop that recent Nas song I had posted. The group didn’t boast the finest in lyrical finesse but you can’t front on how good the production was for that crew. The Minnie Riperton I included just for the hell of it…and besides, Come To My Garden is wicked nice. Get familiar.