Think of the children

Satisfaction Unlimited: Let’s Change the Subject + Why
From Think of the Children (Hot Wax, 1972)

I came across this LP a few years back, initially struck by the cover which, to this day, is kind of haunting (though I can’t tell if that was what it was going for or was simple the byproduct of the design). As I learned from reading Funk My Soul’s extensive post on this album, Satisfaction Unlimited was the

I had this one set aside for ages…decent soul LP from the early 1970s on the Hot Wax label. I tend to associate Hot Wax with 7″s from Honey Cone, Laura Lee, etc. I didn’t realize (until now), that it was a Holland-Dozier-Holland project, after they broke away from Motown in the late 1960s. This is a side convo but there’s a good debate to be had as to whether

Funkmysoul has all the fantastic historical details on this group and its previous names including the Marvels, the Senators and the Satisfactions; this album was seemingly the end of the line of the group (and was certainly the end of the line for Hot Wax as this became their final LP release before closing down shop).

To be honest, this was one of those purchases that sounded better in the store; in the end, the only track that really lingered with me was the Sunday afternoon jam, “Let’s Change the Subject” though I thought “Why?” was a solid ’60s pop-influenced crossover tune (almost sounds like an entirely different group).