1) As some of you have noted, I’ve finally installed a new banner. No contest this time but if people want to take some guesses at all eight people (and/or albums) feel free to put forward your conjectures in the comments. NOTE: picture two is NOT from an album cover but is just a photo of the group. Everything else is from an LP cover.

2) Our friend Jesse just posted this remarkable anti-Communist soul song over at The Sound of Young America. Check it out.

3) I’ve been noticing that there’s been a few MP3 blogs shutting down shop: The Perfect Beat and Vinyl Addicts to note just two that officially closed. However, I deleted at least 10 off the blogroll that clearly are dead (when you don’t have a new post in the last six months, you might as well be) or are on the verge.

I also made the decision not to link to blogs that exclusively post up full albums. I know this is a growing phenomenon but I can’t truck with it on multiple levels, both ethical and personal. I might re-evaluate that policy at a later point.

I also didn’t have a chance to put up new possible links for review. Ran out of time just going through all the defunct ones.

5) Finally, R.I.P. June Pointer of the Pointer Sisters. Proof too.