Arriving March 21.

The first news story on the compilation has appeared, on Pitchfork no less.

For the occasion, I decided to share the tracklisting for the comp:

01 Charles May and Annette May Thomas – “Keep My Baby Warm”
02 Clarence Reid – “Master Piece”
03 Lee Moses – “Time and Place”
04 Amanda Ambrose – ” (I Ain’t Singing) No More Sad Songs”
05 Erma Franklin – “Piece of My Heart”
06 Donny Hathaway – “Jealous Guy”
07 Linda Lyndell – “What a Man”
08 Jimmy Jones – “Live and Let Live”
09 Ann Sexton – “You’re Gonna Miss Me”
10 Johnny “Guitar” Watson – “Loving You”
11 Joe Bataan – “Ordinary Guy”
12 Weldon Irvine – “Morning Sunrise”
13 William Bell – “I Forgot to Be Your Lover”
14 Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings – “All Over Again”

Some astute and loyal Soul Sides fans will notice that about half the songs on here are tracks that I’ve put up on the blog, including “Keep My Baby Warm,” “What a Man,” “Loving You,” and “I Forgot To Be Your Lover.” However, the other half are songs that I’ve purposefully squirreled away for just the occasion of a comp like this. Among the favorites of my favorites would include the Erma Franklin, the Donny Hathaway and the Amanda Ambrose tracks though obviously, I loved everything on here.

(BTW, I had actually been plotting to put out my own mix-CD but when Zealous Records came calling, willing to do all the legal work, plus marketing and distribution, it was a no-brainer to partner with them.)

Hopefully, I’ll have a website for the album up and running in a few weeks, complete with sound snippets of some (if not all) the songs on here.

As a reminder, your purchase dollars will help support The Rhythm and Blues Foundation, which lends financial assistance to aging soul artists from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. I’ve yet to earn a penny on this project and I don’t really expect to. Unless it goes platinum. Then I’m going to Jacob’s.

I’ll get up a list of online record stores where you can buy this once that becomes available but I’ll be sure to try to get our web space sponsor, Sandbox Automatic, to carry it and Zealous has distribution through major channels so it’s not like this will only be available at one or two places. Expect it to be on several major download sites but, alas, not iTunes (long story).

And yes, it will be on vinyl. Double LP to be exact. You know how we do.