Every week, I get announcements about new audioblogs and don’t get me wrong – I’m really happy to see all these new voices popping up. But inevitably, most of them don’t take one of my core suggestions to heart – design your site better so it doesn’t look like every other damn site out there. Frankly, it kind of kills me that so many awesome sites (musically speaking) are almost unbearable to look at either because they’re generic and dull or else choose these color schemes that might give little kids epileptic seizures. It’s like reading a magazine which has great content but no art direction whatsoever.

So…you can appreciate how pleasantly surprised blown away I was when I took a look at Breath of Life, the new audioblog by the father/son team of Kalamu ya Salaam and Mtume ya Salaam. Mtume wrote me, months ago, to say that this site was in the works but they didn’t want to rush anything so they could get everything right and so far: it’s a damn impressive site that does so much more than your typical picture-song-description format. For one thing, the content is mega-deep – we’re talking complete essays, with links to outside interviews, the whole nine.

It’s also just organized well in terms of breaking down posts into specific categories which then can be re-orged however you want (that’s a pretty good idea – I should boost it). I just wish more new audioblogs took the time like this to get it right.