I got a baby with chicken pox at home so this week is probably going to be a bit slow on updates. I hope to have a major set of Al Green posts started by week’s end however. In the meanwhile, check out this dope site I just discovered: Oh Word, a collective rap-related site that includes (among other things): a political blog, feature stories that will appeal to all the inner hip-hop geeks out there, and a singles review section which is basically an audioblog.

The site could benefit from better chronological organization (i.e. you don’t really know what’s new or what’s old content easily) but I cannot fault their taste in music. Hell, they got some posts of songs I’ve wanted to write about. Examples:

  • Stezo’s Crazy Noise
  • Krown Rulers’ Paper Chase
  • The Future Sound’s The Whole Shabang, Vol 1
  • …and one I’m thankful for, the Large Professor’s unreleased LP which includes one of my favorite songs by him: “For My People.” Goddamn is that song butter.

    Anyways, Oh Word is solid; check it out.