Quantic Soul Orchestra: Introducing…The Quantic Soul Orchestra & Feeling Good (edit)
From Pushin’ On (Ubiquity, 2005)

I was first turned onto the Quantic Soul Orchestra (QSO) through their siiiiick remixes on the Rebtuz series. Imagine a top-notch funk band that can flex their chops within electronic music and hip-hop aesthetics and you kind of get the idea. It’s easier heard than explained though. The funk side comes straight at you via their “Introducing…” theme – super-slick and wicked – obviously James Brown influenced but also soaking in some jazz flavor with their use of organ and guitar.

As for “Feeling Good,” well, you know I had to roll with that, especially after posting up what I think is the best version of the song last year. QSO’s take on the song, feat. Alice Russell, is superb. It has far more production than the Frank Cunimondo/Lynn Marino version but I thought all the strings actually worked well with the song’s swells and peaks.

Speaking of which, I just noticed that Lynn Marino herself posted a comment to Soul Sides based on the post of her songs. Like whoa.


Bambouche of the Vanguard Squad: Vanguard Squad Main Title Theme
From Revolution In Our Lifetime 7″ (Vanguard Squad, 2005)

I met Bambouche through the Soulstrut.com forums and he and his man Aspirin have both dropped a cool, DIY 7″ inspired by the call to armed resistance. B’s track is based around a 1968 speech by Eldridge Cleaver (former Black Panther founder, later avowed anti-Communist) and rather than being on some bumrush-the-streets-with-guns-blazing energy, it’s more like bad-boys-move-in-silence with its slinky grooves and laid back tempo.

By the way, I don’t often say this but the packaging on this 7″ is really great, especially the liner notes booklet that comes with it that breaks down each artist’s pathway into social consciousness and the various inspirations behind both songs.

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