Updates are going to be a bit slower for the next few – now that wifey has gone back to work, I get to watch Baby L-Boogie all during the day and that’s making it a lot harder to encode music, write posts, etc. I need to learn to start doing a week’s worth of posts at a time and just having it all in reserve, ready to go.

In the meantime, check out these two new audioblogs:

Hippocampus is a creation of a mentor from whom I’ve learned an amazing amount of knowledge about music from. I noticed that his name isn’t on the blog so I won’t drop it here either, but sufficed to say, this guy is one of the leading writers, critics and scholars on popular music in America today. Seriously. (And no, it’s not M.A.N. though Mark should get on the good foot and make that happen). Anyways, Hippocampus is dedicated to the long traditions of Jewish musicians in America. Awesome stuff already up, including Alfredito (ne Alfred Levy) and his latin tune “Chinese Cha CHa Cha” from the 1950s. (The blog should say “all songs chosen by the Chosen”…ha ha ha ha…ok, bad Jewish humor. I’ll stop now).

Captain’s Crate is dedicated to the kind of tunes we love here at Soul Sides – funk, soul, jazz, etc. Their current selections are outstanding, into music from Ethopia’s Mulatu, some ill Bollywood funk, and even some homespun remixes by the Capt. himself. Goddamn, between these dudes and Ear Fuzz, the block is kind of hot right now.