Dutchmin: Get Your Swerve On
From 12″ (Dolo, 1997)

Blahzay Blahzay: Danger Pt. II
From 12″ (Fader, 1996)

I know I said I don’t take requests but Mike Nice suggested that I take us back to ’97 with Dutchmin’s one-hit wonder jam: “Get Your Swerve On” and I wasn’t mad at that. I first heard this on Beni B’s old KALX show and undeniably, the song was catchy with its simple beats and easy to chant hook. Love that line: “when I’m in your tape deck/expect/wreck/mic check.” Ah, when MCs could spit.

Speaking of which, kickin’ spit was all that Blahzay Blahzay were about. They blew the F up on the strength of “Danger,” one of the East Coast anthems that took its place besides Jeru and O.C. in the mid-90s. I assume folks have already heard “Danger” though (and if not, shame on you) so I’m rolling with the sequel, “Danger Pt. II,” which features more head-splittin’ lyrics from Outloud and guests Trigga tha Gambler AND Smooth Da Hustler drop their own custom brands of broken language. (Good enuff for ya Exo? O-Dub ain’t no half-ounce. Just forgetful).